Melanie Nasser

Melanie Nasser Headshot Melanie has taught movement for almost 30 years through dance, Pilates, ball rolling, and stretching techniques. She's spent her entire life studying the movements of the body and how we can move through life easier and with less pain. So much pain and discomfort in our bodies as we age can be due to misalignment and unawareness of repetitive motions that are affecting us. Melanie's vision has always been to educate the people she works with so that they can help themselves.

She's spent almost her entire life studying the body through her training as a professional ballet dancer and teacher and in the last almost 20 years helping people move with the Pilates movement system. When Melanie retired from her ballet career she became certified through UNLV to teach Pilates.

She worked and helped build a Pilates program at the beginning of her career in Tulsa, OK and in 2009 moved to The Woodlands, TX with her family. She spent the last 10 years building her own Pilates business and studio which she closed in 2019 and transitioned her teaching to an online platform in 2020.

She has worked with all ages through the years and specializes in alignment issues. Melanie enjoys working with clients through virtual sessions. This empowers the client to take more responsibility for their own health. Melanie sees herself as the coach and guide, but the client is who makes the results happen.

Melanie feels fortunate to have had two careers she's passionate about...ballet and Pilates. In her first career she loved making a difference in people's lives from performing on stage for them and these last two decades has been grateful to continue making a difference in people's lives by helping with their health and well being.